Monday, August 9, 2010

Case is 9 Months

Case is 9 months old now. This is so hard to believe because it is very easy for me to go back to the first week or two when I was pretty sure he was never going to grow up and be fun. It's been another big month for him. He has been pulling himself to a standing position since 7.5 months and has been LOVING to hold our pointer fingers and walk. When you stop he totally freaks out. All he wants to do is walk. Now he is down to one finger and has even took a couple of steps on his own (with a dive at the end) on 8/7. I am pretty sure he could totally walk by himself but it scares him. He also has a tooth finally coming in. It started to break through on 8/4/10. It's not all the way in but its well on its way. It's funny because I couldn't even tell that he was teething. Either this means he's always grumpy or it just didn't phase him. Who knows?!?! These last few days he's been VERY clingy. Have you ever tried making the bed when every time you stop moving there's a little boy climbing up your pant leg? I gotta learn to wear shorts! It's cute though! He follows me wherever I go and is usually right at might feet. This isn't a whole lot different from Tucker (our old dog).

He had his 9 month appointment on 9/3/10. He was 22 pounds 1 ounce (74%), 29.25 inches long (81%) and his head was 45.5 cm (56%). So he continues to be tall but the doctor disagreed with chunky. He said his weight is perfect for his height. His head has always been smaller but I can't tell by looking at him. He's supposed to stop drinking so much formula now, which my bank account is VERY appreciative of! He's supposed to be down to 18-24 ounces per day but he's still closer to 28. The doctor said it's not a concern because he's doing so well. He's already been eating solids three times per day and LOVES it! He's great at feeding himself puffs and Cheerios and I'm pretty sure could eat them all day long!

He's SO much fun! He laughs and giggles a lot and has such a fun personality. I'm rarely away from him and when I am I miss him like crazy. It's so much fun when Daddy gets home each day too. Case just totally lights up and squeals in delight. He loves when we're all together.

I'm loving this little boy and feeling so blessed to have him and an amazing husband. God is SO good!

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