Sunday, June 20, 2010

Getting Nervous

Tomorrow is a big day for us. Case is having his first surgery. He was born with a blocked tear duct, which is apparently common for about 6 out 100 newborns. He had it in both eyes at birth but he right eye healed on its own. His left eye... not so much! It seems that it is not only not getting better but it might actually be getting worse. It is ALWAYS goopy and watering. Sometimes he wakes up from his naps looking like this.

We took him to see a pediatric opthamologist last week and he assured us that it most likely isn't going to get better on it's own, given it is such a sever blockage. He said there is a risk for serious eye infection if we let it continue. Many babies outgrow this by the age of 1 but it doesn't look like Case is going to be one of them. The doctor recommended surgery and he had an opening for tomorrow because there was a cancellation. If we didn't go tomorrow we'd have to wait until September and we really didn't want to do that. It seems that it is actually starting to bother Case, where before he didn't seem to notice. Now he's rubbing it a lot more. Now we are left with facing surgery tomorrow. The procedure is simple but to this momma I'm scared. I hate the thought of him being put under anesthetic. He's so young and we don't know if he has any allergies yet. It makes me nervous. I'm trusting that God is in control and gave us the opportunity for treatment so quickly. I just pray that he gets through this surgery not knowing anything happened and that he's back to himself by the afternoon. I also pray that I will have the courage and the follow through of my trust in the Lord to actually hand my baby over to the doctor without putting up a struggle!

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